At Rutherfords we are Industrial sales, leasing and property management specialists across Melbourne. We provide innovative and unique ideas to maximize optimum results for our clients.

Property Management Professionals

Industrial and commercial property performs at its best when managed professionally. Partnering with experienced and passionate experts ensures you are meeting your responsibilities as a landlord and abiding by regularly updated regulations required by Victorian legislation. Simply peace of mind.

Guaranteed First class experience

We are a team of energetic, positive and successful people who believe wholeheartedly in the highest moral and ethical standards in our daily routine of business. Upholding great customer service as our primary focus enables us to deliver our clients goals. Experience the speed of trust. Rutherfords = Results.

Decades of experience & knowledge

Being in business for over half a century gives us a presence in the market above most of our competitors. Staying at the forefront of industry knowledge and having developed negotiation skills to tackle any project regardless of size.

The fastest growing city in Australia

With a current population of 4.4 million Melbourne is set to be Australia’s largest city in 2035. This translates to a main focus on the country’s commercial and industrial property development activity with high rates of delivery in the last 10 years.

Premium results and peace of mind

Partnering with industry leading experts since 1959 will ensure you have the most cutting edge strategies for industrial property in Melbourne. This Guarantees premium results and peace of mind. If you’re starting off in the industry or have an extensive portfolio already established, we can ensure time tested advice that will take your portfolio to the next level. Trust a business that is big enough to matter but small enough to care.

It's time to start moving

With 31% of Australia’s top 500 companies being based in Victoria it’s not hard to see why investing here would be a smart decision. Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city in the Economist’s annual study for the fifth year running. Due to the rapid infrastructure growth there is always a constant demand for quality industrial and commercial properties. Not only is Melbourne one of Australia’s biggest cities, about 40% of Australia’s shipping freight comes through the Melbourne docks. Melbourne is known for its excellent well maintained road and public transport system. It also has a large supply of flat industrial land. The low priced land, or competitive building rentals make it an ideal destination point for many important international companies.

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