Eight Points of Difference

Industrial property like any other investment, performs at its best when managed professionally. By appointing Rutherfords Property Management you not only save yourself time and reduce risk, it enables you to enjoy a peace of mind.

As a landlord don’t put yourself at risk when dealing with a difficult situation or missing a step in expectations of being a landlord. Our Property Managers are up to date with current legislation and have years of experience to deal with any situation that might occur. Let your investment be managed by the best in the industry.

We have summarised 8 points of difference Rutherfords Property Management prides itself on and makes us industry leaders in the field.


We don’t try to be experts in every aspect of Real Estate or claim to be. But we are experts in Industrial Real Estate, it’s what we specialise in and what we have devoted over 50 years of business towards.

Our clients are well looked after and are not just another number on our books. Our Property Managers are up to date with current legislation and have years of experience to deal with any situation that might occur. You can be sure of dealing with an industry leading expert in the industrial property niche.



At Rutherfords Property Management (RPM) we keep in regular contact. We understand our clients have put trust into looking after their portfolio and expect to be kept up-to-date with how their tenants and property is performing. Did you know the number one reason landlords change management agents is because of a lack of communication?

We have a policy at RPM that all phone calls are returned the same day (business days) and emails at least acknowledged within 24 hours. In addition we call if ever there is an important issue. We keep in touch.  Whether it be via phone call, email, SMS or in person be rest assured your investment will be well looked after.


We understand the financial commitment that comes with owning an Industrial investment and expect your Property Managers to be on top of income collection. We have a zero tolerance to arrears and have firm procedures in place for any tenant that cannot meet their financial obligations. Trust Rutherfords to give you peace of mind.

Arrears Procedure

a) Invoice to tenant 2-3 weeks prior to due date every month

b) Email to tenant the week before with a reminder ‘payment due next week’

c) If past the due date and tenant in arrears, email to tenant advising of overdue amount and penalty interest accumulated to date

d) Email to you as an owner advising the tenant is overdue on a payment - pursuing payment

e) Tenants two weeks or more overdue, phone call to owner followed by notice of default to the tenant

f) Financial end of the year reports that will make your Accountants very impressed


Property inspections on a regular basis are essential to ensure the site is being well maintained. We understand you have hired our services for a peace of mind and trust Rutherfords to ensure your investment is in the same condition as it was when your tenants entered it.

Our Essential Services Maintenance (ESM) provider inspects every three months but to enhance our service to you we also carry out an annual physical property inspection and email you a detailed report with a photo gallery attached to give you peace of mind that your property is being well looked after.


We understand the greater concern Landlords have when looking to take their portfolio elsewhere, that money could be lost. What if we told you we could assure this transition will most likely not cost you a thing?
We are so confident in our systems and procedures that we GUARANTEE no loss of income during the transition of your portfolio to Rutherfords.

•    Step 1 - Decision to Appoint Rutherfords Real Estate
This is the first step to ensuring your portfolio is looked after how it should be. We will ask for all the basic details to start the process and notify the managing agent of the portfolio take over.
•    Step 2 - Sign Authorities
At this stage we will gather all important documentation and conduct the proper checks to ensure your property is on track of performing the best it can.
•    Step 3 - Rutherfords Take Over
Rutherfords will liaise with the previous Managing Agent for any missing information. All transfers of security deposits and bank guarantees will be completed. We will inform your tenant at this stage we are the new managing agents and provide all necessary details to them and schedule in site inspections.
•    Step 4- Outgoings/Maintenance
The last step is to ensure all invoices have been issued and redirected to Rutherfords. This step also includes ensuring your tenant is meeting all obligations and responsibilities as stipulated in their agreements.


A Landlord’s greatest concern is usually vacancy and loss of income. It is very important when the lease ends that the property is tenanted quickly.

You know that you are dealing with an industrial property specialist who has the greatest chance of leasing the property in the shortest possible time frame. That IS value and peace of mind.


The directors of RPM combine over 60 years of experience in high level corporate industrial lease transactions. The advice we can add from a commercial viewpoint to lease documentation is invaluable.
For example two excellent clauses no one else suggests that will add real value…

a)  Tenant to provide 12 months’ notice to exercise option or leave - this allows you a 12 months period to re-lease the property should the tenant be leaving and most tenants are quite happy with this, they know in advance in any case.

b)  Often tenants that may have occupied a property for a long period and outgrown it want a short term extension. This can be turned to advantage by agreeing with a 3 month notice period. Again this allows you to find a new tenant and give three months’ notice ensuring no vacancy.




Case Scenario

We recently were involved in a property that had just 12 months left to run on the lease. Due to the potential loss of income the landlords were nervous they would not be able to service their mortgage due to the lack of notice if the tenant vacated the site on only 3 months’ notice as stipulated in the contract. The tenant also could exercise a 3-year option. 

In this situation the property is hard to sell, as with a 12-month lease in place is it of little interest to an investor, and an owner occupier would not be interested as there is no certainty as to when they could use the building.

After coming to Rutherfords we went straight into action and with the landlords approval offered the tenant an incentive to commit to exercise their option and stay on or give a date by when they would vacate.

If Rutherfords were involved from the start this whole scenario would have been avoided by insisting on a 12 months’ notice period at lease commencement due to the size of the property and the owner’s high gearing situation.

This scenario is just an example of how a mismanaged property can lead a landlord into a stressful situation. We are experienced and knowledgeable in what we do and offer a priceless peace of mind to our clients because they know they are in experienced hands.