At Rutherfords we believe in giving back to the community and supporting causes of people, animals and the environment. Here is a list of current causes we support/donate to;

Rapid Relief Team Ltd (RRT) Australia

RRT simply seeks to use charitable resource to help those in need. We operate our services in two categories; Reactive and Proactive.


RRT teams are at the ready for the unexpected, for when disaster strikes with floods, fires, storms and major accidents, impacting the community. We are at the behest of government emergency services and work closely with them to support and care for them and those affected by the adversity. The focus of our service is but is not limited to catering and refreshments. Our labour force is structured, trained and is willing to give up time and energy to contribute to the common goal of reducing suffering and loss in times of need.


RRT is active in contributing to and supporting the many honourable charitable organisations in our society today. Organisations that help fund cancer research, heart disease and other health related issues are beneficiaries of our charitable resource.

We feel the plight that the homeless find themselves in, and support the missions and government bodies who seek to aid these people.

RRT visits the missions, meets the homeless in the street, support the soldiers at the front and organises clothing appeal drives.